XANDOR Automotive’s commitment to Innovation ensures we are in prime position to stay ahead in the rapidly changing automotive industry, which requires a strong understanding of industry developments and of our key customer’s future product roadmaps.

XANDOR has developed and implemented a six stage system for the development of new technologies, materials and processes drawing upon the diverse skills within the XANDOR Automotive team. Utilising lifetimes of experience, know-how and our ability to recognise the most significant emerging trends gives XANDOR Automotive the ingenuity to create the innovations of tomorrow.

Driven by our customers’ needs, our most recent projects are focused around lightweighting, sustainable mobility, and smart features with interior and exterior material and finish options which provide our customers with a cost competitive differentiation to their competitors.

Environmental and Circular Economy

A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. This means materials constantly flow around a ‘closed loop’ system, rather than being used once and then discarded. Working with our design engineers and material suppliers we are able to incorporate bonding methods, recycled materials, technologies and mind-sets into our components, working towards a more sustainable component to meet the changing environmental challenges.


Less Weight, Less Fuel, Less CO2; Lightweighting is one of the key issues facing the automotive industry today. The goal is to reduce overall vehicle weight to improve fuel economy and meet the evolving demands of increasingly electrified vehicle platforms. Our knowledge of materials and processes has enabled us to incorporate new materials and processes for optimised cost vs. mass reduction.

Surface Decoration

XANDOR Automotive have active projects developing new and cutting-edge next generation in-mould foiling processes. These can be incorporated with secret until lit lighting effects and surface haptics depending on the application. Another key area is in paint technologies, having recently installed paint simulation software, enabling us to optimise robot application and paint consumption offline from our production processes.

We also have significant experience in developing and supplying high gloss piano black products, with varying options for meeting scratch and performance requirements, including Polyurethane overflooding, also known as Clearmelt™ or ColorForm™.

XANDOR Automotive’s innovation and core engineering teams are working on new concepts and processes for current and future developments within the automotive industry, these include the following areas;

  • Electrification, Autonomous features and Urban Mobility Lighting Effects for interior ambience or external styling and pedestrian safety
  • Product Differentiation and world class surface finishes and quality.


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