XANDOR Automotive is committed to being a high performing supplier, a caring employer and a responsible member of society.

This requires us to be environmentally aware of what we do and its impact on the world around us. Within our designs we often feature recyclable metal components and the vast majority of our plastic components are fully recyclable at end of vehicle life.

Used in the correct application, plastic components reduce vehicle weight, and thus significantly improve fuel usage and hence minimise environmental impact. For the future and in partnership with our customers we are actively working on new design initiatives aimed at “lightweighting” components to an even greater degree, with all of the environmental benefits that will then result. This challenge is never over.

At XANDOR Automotive, we believe in the three pillars of sustainability; economic viability, environmental protection and social equity.  Like any manufacturing business, XANDOR Automotive acknowledges that its processes can have both direct and indirect environmental impacts. If not managed properly, these impacts have the potential to be significant. As a trustworthy and responsible manufacturer, XANDOR Automotive identifies and manages the aspects of its activities that could have environmental impacts.

Our plants regularly monitor their energy efficiency to drive down consumption and improve efficiency. Our Paint Plant processes give rise to air emissions like VOC and particulate matter. These are captured and filtered through our paint plant exhaust vents and filters. We ensure that our emissions are in line with PPCA 1999 and are continuously monitored as part of our environmental permits.

At XANDOR Automotive, we want to build sustainable communities in the places we operate. This includes engaging with local stakeholders and supporting the needs of our communities. We support a range of local charities and community groups through fund raisers, sponsorship and directly participating in events to support the communities we rely on. Examples include support of Food Banks and our sponsorship of the Scarborough UTC.
Our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy ensures that no such practices exist in our Supply Chain and can be found here:

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy


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